HAPPY BIRTHDAY, suruki!! i’m so glad we share our birthdays with that dumb basketball head aomine (he’s probably saying something like, “thE ONLY ONE WHO CAN CELEBRATE WITH ME IS ME.”) Anyway, here’s another dumb basketball boy i know you like B)  I hope you have an amazing day!!


I played with your weaknesses…Also, Happy Birthday, Neenegoose! I’m really glad to have met you, and I hope we continue to become friends!!! I hope you enjoy your birthday, eat good food, and do things you like!

gakyou used ‘exploit weakness for blue-haired dorks; iT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE!! 

i’m literally squealing; THANK YOU SO MUCH LAURA!!! <333 i’m so glad to have met you, you were my first real tumblr friend and i’m so glad we connected so well!! thank you for all the kind words and times you’ve been willing to lend an ear… it’s always meant a lot! I hope for the same—and that we can continue supporting each other through our twentysomething crises ;u; THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NARUKO!! my favorite loud-mouthed, milk-chugging, sharp-toothed biker boy <3 
from yesterday’s ywpd_69min (i think this is my first for yowapeda??)

GUYS, HELP the angst in free is just too real. someone shake me because i’m finding myself looking for answers about my own uncertain future in the plotline of a goddamn swimming anime

[the rest is just a long-winded, self-indulgent personal post about my quarterlife crisis and how i personally related to ep9, so don’t mind me—I’M JUST SO DISTRAUGHT & i needed to get it out of my system]

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Spontaneous collab with Jenny!! She did a quick sketch of Maya Fey and I lined and coloured it ^__^

before/after comparison here!