HI ANON THAT USUALLY DOESNT REALLY SHIP RINREI i-idk if it’s cool to answer that publicly LOL bbbut THANK YOU FOR THAT STORY and for the nosebleed omg

don’t look at me i’m still hung up on the butterfly cookies ////

ARTIST: Ryugazaki Rei (CV. Hirakawa Daisuke)
TRACK: Rei - Good Morning
ALBUM: Free!


good morning
please wake up now
you look pretty sleepy…
you must have stay up late again right?
i guess it can’t be help
you won’t be able to recover fatigue if you lack of sleep
alright, please wake up
if you wake up properly, i will consider giving you a reward.

Listen to Makoto's ver. too if u haven't, enjoy :3


Comics I do at 3am. Tonight’s theme was hairstyle/haircut.