Episode Analysis Post: Free! Eternal Summer Episode 12 - “What will you do?”


This was a really nice episode that rewards rewatching and paying attention to the detail. There are a lot of immediate reactions that Haru’s change of heart feels sudden and out of character, for a guy who’s spent all his life saying he has no interest in competition. But I think that ignores the fact that, for someone who says that, Haru’s sure spent a lot of time in swimming competitions, and winning them. He swims relays for his friends, but why does he swim to win solo competitions?

This episode gives us some much-needed insight into that part of Haru’s mind, and it had to be Rin who brought that out, because that is not how Makoto relates to Haru. Makoto himself knows that. That’s why he turned Haru over to Rin.


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a couple more free_69mins.. i’m kind of on a rin bender here thanks a lot episode 12

answered asks!

thank you for the messages!! i..i rarely get messages and these have really brightened my weekend! Replies under the cut…

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I saw neeneegoose’s awesome Ghibli + Free! crossover on my dash and it was so good I HAD TO doodle something from them, too!

These are “My Neighbor Makotoro”, “Haru’s Moving Castle”, “The Rin Rises” and “Princess Monosousuke”.

Anonymous asked:
Helloooo I was just wondering, when is your birthday? :) And uhm do you have any art friends? How do you get those...? Because I'm not really a good artist yet, at least not with my tablet, but I'd like to trade art with someone and y'know all that stuff >/////////< I'm sorry if I bothered you! Please have a good day! <333

HI THERE ADORABLE ANON!! tysm for the message! uhuhuu my birthday was on August 31st (the same day as aomine huehheh.) 

I do have a bunch of art friends, and I think they’re the ones who have motivated me to keep drawing and keep trying to improve!! I’D LOVE TO BE ART FRIENDS WITH YOU <333 some of them i met on tumblr, but a lot of them I connected with on twitter! It’s much easier to chat with people there, I think. And i met a lot of them through the twitter #hq_69min #free_69min and #fe_69min tags!! (I can explain those too if you’re not familiar with them?)

Good luck with your art!! and with meeting art friends! if you’d like, feel free to message me off anon here or on twitter @megumegane !!


i think it’s interesting that makoto, rin, and haru each view themselves as trailing behind the other two.

makoto sees himself in a position of walking behind rin and haru, almost like a parent would trail behind a kid to support when necessary and to maybe clean up after their messes. in the…